2014 Speakers

Click on names for events at which contributors spoke:

Susanne Ismail (introducing), Julie Timbrell (facilitating), Owen Jones, Prof Victoria Chick, Izabella Kaminska (FT), Carlo Nero, Fred Harrison, Peter Smith (conservationist)

Clive Menzies, Ray Sheath

Carl Fraser (facilitating) Barb Jacobson (Basic Income UK), Duncan McCann (NEF) and Ben Baumberg (Kent University)

Eleanor Lisney, Michelle Daley, Martine Miel, (Sisters of Frida), Janet Price (DaDaFest)

John Christensen (Tax Justice Network)

Amrita Bhohi, Mark Goyder (tomorrow’s Company), David Graeber (LSE), Dr Dave Dewhurst (Occupy London), Dr Ann  Pettifor (PRIME)

Carl Packman (Payday Loans), Claire Welton (Fuel Poverty), Mary Robertson (Housing Debt), Joel Benjamin (Local Government Debt), Jonathan Stevenson (National Debt), Fanny Malinen (Student Debt)

Carl Fraser (facilitating), Ben Cowell (National Trust), Natasha Langridge (Theatre Practitioner), Grow Art Collective – Ivana Sehic (also of FLOCK collective), Chrysanthi Avloniti, Dimitra Skempi, Ioanna Athanasiadou and Anna Kritikou

Chris Kitchen (Corporatewatch), Tisha Brown (Frack Off), Pete Deane (Biofuelwatch), Ruth London (Fuel Poverty Action) Susanne Dhaliwal (London Mining Network, Philip Davidson (Film – An Autumn Diary)


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