Finale event – Re-making Democracy

This  event was held on Sunday 16 November, 1pm, St Mary’s Church, High Street, Putney, SW15 1SN,  A video of this event is below…

Ultimate participative event exploring how can we re-constitute a society to create a real democracy. With speakers setting the scene from the Scottish Radical Independence Campaign, Iceland’s pots & pans revolution, Spanish Podemos party for democracy , and Kurdish self government, followed by a participative discussion using Open Space Technology. Held in the same venue as the original debates in 1647 when soldiers and officers of Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army, including civilian representatives of the Levellers, held discussions on the constitution and future of England.Speakers:

Sirio Canos, Podemos Party. Podemos is now topping the polls in Spain . Sirio, based in the London Branch, will talk about citizen in involvement in Podemos.

Neil Davidson, Radical Independence Campaign & lecturer in Sociology at the University of Glasgow will talk about the incredible mobilisation of citizens in the recent Scottish independence campaign.

Memed Aksoy, Kurdish People’s Assembly, will talk about the Rojava Revolution and Radical Democracy.

Gunner Grimsson, Better Reykjavik, will talk about Direct Democracy , the Icelandic Pots & Pans revolution and crowd sourcing a constitution.

Venue – St Mary’s Church, High Street, Putney, SW15 1SN


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Together we can and we will re-make democracy. This country’s greatest asset is its people, it’s not the bankers, it’s not the politicians or the obscenely wealthy or the heads of the massive corporates – it’s the people, it’s us and together we can and we will make things change for the better for everyone. Love always Claire xx


How did this event go?! Amazed to read it was held in the same place as 1647, kidding me!

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