Capitalism is Part of the Answer ! ?

This  event was held on Sunday 2nd November at 2pm at St. Ethelburga’s Centre 78 Bishopsgate London, EC2N 4AG. A video of this event is below…

Scroll down for an extract of a key contribution from Ann Pettifor on our contemporary use of the word ‘growth’…

Ann Pettifor – Please Never Use The Word Growth 

Occupy London meets the City Forum at St. Ethelburga’s Centre 78 Bishopsgate
London, EC2N 4AG
 on Sunday 2nd November at 2pm.

The Debate is facilitated or chaired by Amrita Bhohi.

Proposing the motion is Mark Goyder, founder director of Tomorrows’ Company, the City’s leading think-tank. He is opposed by Professor David Graeber of LSE. The motion is seconded by Dr Dave Dewhurst, of Occupy London (emphatically speaking in his own capacity).

The concluding argument for the case against capitalism will be Dr Ann Pettifor of PRIME

The debate will then pass to the floor with (approximately) alternating opinions before the lead speakers re-summarise. Will there be a vote? Occupy believes in consensus. Come and decide. Attendance is free, but expect a voluntary collection and arrive early.

Speakers biographies:

Mark Goyder

Mark Goyder is an award-winning speaker, writer and broadcaster with over 15 years’ experience as a manager in manufacturing businesses. He is Founder Director of Tomorrow’s Company ( a London-based globally focused agenda-setting think tank that works with business leaders and investors to shape the future of business success. Tomorrow’s Company developed the concept of the business licence to operate and redefined the concept of corporate social responsibility in the 1990s. Its original report laid the foundations for the extension of the duties of directors in the 2006 Companies Act, and its 2008 report ‘Tomorrow’s Owners’ paved the way for the development of the world’s first investor Stewardship Code. Its report ‘Restoring Trust – financial services in the 21st Century (2004) stimulated the emergence of the UN Principles of Responsible Investment,

Mark has current advisory roles with Alliance Boots and Camelot, and has previously worked in such roles with directors of BA, BT, Novo Nordisk.

The latest edition of his book ‘Living Tomorrow’s Company – rediscovering the Human Purposes of Business’ was published in India in 2013 and described by Charles Handy as ‘by far the best, and most readable, account of capitalism’s current discontents’. Reviewing the book, Farrokh K. Kavarana, Director, Tata Sons said “Living Tomorrow’s Company is a remarkable and learned tome which is bound to become a standard text book in the MBA programmes of enlightened business schools around the world and a “must read” for all businessmen who wish to be successful the “right way”.

Dave Dewhurst

Founder member of Occupy London’s Economics Working Group & involved in a range of public speaking & writing as a result. He is currently co-operating with the Jubilee Debt Campaign to establish a UK+ Debt Audit.

David is Secretary of the Cybernetics Society and has a PhD in Cybernetics (common properties of large complex systems).

A former Headteacher, Lead Ofsted Inspector, management consultant and Tesco’s floor cleaner. After A-level economics he was offered a job in a Manchester merchant bank, and demonstrated an early understanding of the financial system by rejecting it.

Contact nos. 07739 973654 Dave Dewhurst

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