2012 Video Archive

In 2012 Occupy London held the first New Putney Debates; a series of events  inspired by the Levellers’ and Diggers’ demands for social justice, civil rights and equal access to the land, celebrating the 365th year anniversary of the original Putney Debates

The programme events from 2012 can be seen here

Contributors include Richard Wilkinson (The Spirit Level), Natalie Bennett (new Leader of the Green Party), Michael Mansfield QC, George Monbiot, Polly Higgins, Jeremy Leggett, John McDonnell MP, Halina Ward, Professor Conor Gearty, Annette Zera, Joseph Choonara, Hilary Koob-Sassen, and many other writers, theorists, artists, and activists.


Putney Debates 2012.

The New Putney Debates

27 October 2012 – Economics and Democracy

Economics and Democracy PutneyDebates2012 Livestream

28 October 2012 the-english-revolution-the-putneydebates-and-the-making-of-the-british-constitution

The English Revolution, the #PutneyDebates2012 and the making of the British Constitution

31 October 2012 – War Law and Taxes

War, Law and Taxes PutneyDebates2012 Livestream

1st November 2012 – New Putney Debates: Land and Democracy #PutneyDebates2012

New Putney Debates: Land and Democracy #PutneyDebates2012

3rd November 2012. – Law and Democracy

Law and Democracy PutneyDebates2012 Livestream

Friday 9 November 2012 – A New Economy

A New Economy PutneyDebates2012 Livestream

Saturday 10 November 2012- Food and Democracy

Food and democracy. PutneyDebates2012 Livestream



3 thoughts on “2012 Video Archive

  1. without love for our fellow beings it’s perhaps hard to go forward – to simply accept each other isn’t easy either but at least it’s unity in that respect, rather than competition ane making a business out of each other – seems off topic but it’s all related – see love.0id.org

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