Crash, Cuts, Crisis – Causes, Consequences, Solutions

This  event was held on Monday 27th October, 7pm, at ‘The Light,’ Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Rd. NW1 2BJ. A video of this event is below…

We know our current system is nonsense, and a lot of the billionaire-owned media (or tax avoiding directed media, aka BBC) divert us from the solutions, but many of the alternative narratives are fuzzy or simplistic (except to agree that we’re being ripped off – using economic fairy stories). Expect to think hard and get the rest of the assembly to do the same. We will do our best to expand the voices but murder the myths. And yes, there are answers.


Susanne Ismail, host- Quaker Peace and Social Witness.

Julie Timbrell, facilitator – New Putney Debates.

Owen Jones, Campaigner, Journalist & Author.  His recent book is, “The Establishment – and how they get away with it”. Owen recently filled Birmingham Cathedral & had turn-aways at London School of Economics. He is more than ‘the Justin Bieber of the Left’. His dissection of establishment self-deceit and machination is forensic and the faint praise of the media and the purist left is testimony to his potency.

Izabela Kaminska, JournalistFinancial Times, Alphaville. Her work on the ‘Dark Inventory’ will make you more paranoid than you were already. Her new ideas on the balkanisation of social media by nefarious dynamics will scare you.

Emeritus Professor Victoria Chick,  University College London. Veteran economist who always saw through the hyperbole of monetarism. Her vivisection of recent banking dynamics might even make a finance billionaire blush.

Carlo Nero, Activist & filmmaker, showing the Killing Fields. Carlo depicts visually and emotionally the trauma which the Norman model of land seizure has inflicted on the world. If there is a one shot solution this may be the best bullet.

Fred Harrison, Land Activist, Author & filmmaker. He is part the intellectual inspiration driving his and Carlo’s film about our right to our heritage.

Peter Smith, Conservationist. The planet comes first stupid – but we need the economic sophistication to prioritise it.

Each speaker will make their points and we will see a short film about the devastation of the current asset ownership orthodoxy. Then you will question, speak, think, get feedback and go on to act.

At the new 1000 seat auditorium at the Quaker headquarters in Euston Road Occupy London’ presents the first of 2014’s New Putney Debates:

Monday 27th October, 7pm, at ‘The Light,’ Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Rd. NW1 2BJ

Inaugural event of Occupy London’s New Putney Debates

free entry…


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Mervyn Hyde (@mjh0421)

What I fail to understand, is that when people are informed about how money is created out of thin air every time the Banks make a loan, they can’t project their thinking to understand that that means we can pay for our public services without limit.

In short when a government tells you we can’t afford our public services, THEY ARE IN FACT LYING TO YOU.

So why not tell the world about instead of accepting the lying Neo-Liberal agenda.

Link: Modern Monetary Theory have been telling us this for years:

We have the money, we have the resources, what we don’t have is the government.

Is there going to be a live feed to these talks? ♡♥♡

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