For our bi-annual New Putney Debates Festival running from 28th October 9th November we will be celebrating the 799th anniversary of the Charter of the Forest. This is the companion charter to the Magna Carta and had greater relevance to peasants and their land rights…


On the weekend of the 5th and 6th of November 2016 we will be hosting an exhibition at Fordham Gallery. We will exhibit a timeline of the history of democracy and land rights in Britain. This event will take place alongside others, so please chieck this wepage for updates to the planned schedule of events.


This is prelude to a bigger celebration which we will host next year (2017) on the 800th anniversary of the Charter of the Forest.
Our history…
After the Occupy Democracy protests at Parliament Square ended on October 26th, Occupy London  continues to push for real democracy with The New Putney Debates. This examines democratic pathways to social, economic and ecological justice. The New Putney Debates takes place in accessible London locations. The events benefit from wide practical support, including Friend’s House at Euston, Trades Unions, Charities and Colleges.
Previous Events…
Visit the 2014 and 2012 programme pages on this website for more information on past events

To find out more about the original Putney Debates (1647) listen to this excellent radio programme.

Highlights from previous events:


in video number 2 of Basic Income, Democratising money and Social Security; Duncan McCann looks at mechanisms which control the creation of money…

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13 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. A real turn up for the books! All participants in this debate should see if they can get access to Christopher Hill’s ‘Puritanism and Revolution’ (republished by Penguin 1984) for probably the best historical examination of the background of the original Debates, and in order to make a proper comparison with what is happening in out own era!

  2. Great initiative. The Diggers and Levellers inherited a long tradition of dissent that went back deep into the middle ages and intensified almost a hundred years before 1649 when some of the first really anti capitalist and anti money lending tracts and poems were written.

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